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EBHolding unflagging dedication to create cosmetics and skin care products over the past thirty years has made us pioneers in the beauty line industry. Nowadays, people have become more aware of what’s inside their skin care products and have begun to make better choices. Therefore, the concept of EBHolding arose to meet this new demand for safe, natural beauty products due to the direct contact with the clients. Headquartered in Switzerland, EBHolding produces, manufactures, manages and markets skin care products under six brands and/or concepts such as BioskinSpa, Biosphere, Magiclear, Biolor, BSSpro, and Ora Silcapelli not only in Switzerland but worldwide. Because healthy skin is a priority, EBHolding unveils a luxury skin care line perfectly tailored for each skin type; EBHolding products result from the assortment of pristine Alpine water - Switzerland’s main natural resource, which comes from the many glaciers that are found in the Swiss Alps, and plays a major role in sustaining the skin well-being, and natural ingredients which originally “existed in” or were “derived from” Mother Earth. EBHolding knows what the customers want, and is flexible enough to take that knowledge and use it across all venues of sales; offering the distributors and the customers a full concept of marketing strategies, marketing tools and communication tools. Your beauty is our duty.
Our Brands
Whether you are looking for a quick beauty treatment or a full day of serious pampering, BioskinSpa is the answer! Using the most sophisticated aesthetic machines and signature products made of the finest ingredients, specializing in extensive treatments for your face, body, and hair for both men and women; at BioskinSpa there is nothing you cannot do!
• Face energizing: Our reputable skin advisors will help you choose the treatment suitable for your skin, freeing it from radicals you are exposed to every day so that it becomes brighter, smoother, and more hydrated. But also moisturizing your skin, clear clogged pores, plump fine lines and fade dark spots and scars.

• Body rejuvenation: Using the most advanced machines, exclusively at our spas, for slimming, shaping, toning, and draining holistic therapies in private rooms, our specialized therapists imbue your body with new life and vitality.

• Hair revitalizing: Ora Silcapelli Hair Revolution products for reparative, shimmering and strengthening hair treatments to nurse your hair back to health from the scalp right down to the roots.

BioskinSpa offers an exclusive range of exclusive products rich in natural elements for an ultimate beautifying experience.

BioskinSpa has two branches in Qatar, one in Lebanon, another one in Saudi Arabia  and soon in Kuwait

The aim of BioskinSpa is to ultimately enhance beauty, inside out.


Biosphere is a Swiss face and body products line which delivers tailored beautifying creams and treatments extracted from garden herbs and pastoral surroundings targeting a healthier and more vital skin.
Biosphere offers a wide range of high-quality products made up of natural ingredients which leave your skin velvety, smooth, and soft.
The products are scientifically designed for all types of skin in accordance with its need in terms of nourishment, repair, and/or preservation. They are also suitable for the most sensitive of all skins.
Our professional advisors ensure our clients a quality beauty care which goes beyond their expectations by giving them a helpful piece of advice_ at our specialized beauty spa or through a personalized visit upon appointment to their home_ for picking the most suitable product for their skin. In addition to the complete beauty care consultation you receive, you will learn how to apply your skin-care regimen, so that you become your own expert beautician for every day.

Manufactured in Switzerland, Magiclear is a complete line of skincare made of natural organic ingredients ensuring safety, efficiency, and quality in all its products.
Magiclear products are not only efficient but also safe; they consist of actives which are formulated with very high concentration following the latest researches in Swiss cosmetology; Magiclear laboratories go back to ancient recipes and combine them with new extraction technologies to create those paramount skin products and treatments.
Magiclear products are outstanding according to their high end pure ingredients kept very close to the earth. Those vegan cosmetics are formulated with high-performing antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins and essential oils to give your skin maximum benefits.
Magiclear develops innovative cosmetics from cleansing, lightening, anti-age, body care, sun care and eyes luxurious beautifying products.

A luxurious outstanding pearly skincare line conceived to quench the beauty thirst of every woman. EBHolding’s team made of professional scientists endowed with inspiration, creativity, and enthusiasm introduced BIOLOR beauty care products which offer each client a sensation of utter plenitude, enhancing inner beauty, and making them feel precious and unique.
BIOLOR comprises outstanding efficient Swiss treatments intended for the face and body. Those products enhance the harmony between your body and soul and create an intense sensation of well-being.
BIOLOR skincare line has within its ambit an array of various products such as basics, whitening actives, creams and solutions targeting oily skin, mixed and normal skin, and matured skin, makeup, shampoo, and body treatments.

Manufactured in Italy, Ora Silcapelli, a high end collection of natural hair products, was first launched in 2015. Offering our clients hair treatment solutions suitable for their well-being while protecting the environment.

Our hair products are up to the hilt chemical-free; made of the most effective nutritive ingredients found in nature, particularly seasonal plants and flowers which pamper your hair and further improve its innate natural features.

Occurring in two categories: home and spa treatments; this revolutionary range of specific hair care products is fully adaptable to any capillary problem, and is dedicated to all types of hair: dry, greasy, thin, hair fall, and dandruff.

Our hair solutions are sealed with signature specialty oils within each package making room for an aura of intense nutrition and in-depth care to your scalp.

Professional hair care consultants can diagnose your hair type and recommend a high-end personalized treatment regimen applied during a private moment of serene relaxation at our spa or at home.


BSSpro is a sumptuous professional Swiss line which comprises customized treatments willing to refresh and rejuvenate the skin of your face and neck. Those products are not used as home treatments, yet they are applied to your skin along with the use of advanced aesthetic machines by professional skin care consultants at our Spa, who will provide you with expert advice concerning the type and treatment of your skin.

BSSpro presents a wide range of high-performing products created for different skin care beautifying purposes such as whitening, rejuvenating, lifting, restoring, energizing, enlightening and many more.
In the pursuit of living more simply naturally, and impurities hassle-free, opt for BSSpro products, for these encourage the transport of beneficial nutrients from the innermost layer of your skin to the most superficial one causing your skin to endlessly moisturize, energize, illuminate and glow.


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